Privacy Policy

Please read this privacy statement carefully.

Privacy is very important to us. We also understand that privacy is very important to you. This Privacy Statement tells you how we protect and use information that we may gather through this Medtronic web site, which has been developed specifically and solely for the use of  RemoteView™ Programmer Consultation (“RemoteView”) with the Medtronic CareLink 2090 Programmer.

Medtronic and some of its affiliates operate other web sites. This Privacy Statement does not apply to other Medtronic web sites. You should review the privacy statement posted on other Medtronic web sites when you visit them.

We may change this Privacy Statement at any time and for any reason. Any significant changes to the Privacy Statement are discussed below in the Section called "Changes to the Privacy Statement." We encourage you to review this Privacy Statement each time you visit the web site.

By using this web site, you agree to the terms of the most recent version of this Privacy Statement. Please read our Terms of Use for this web site to understand the general rules about your use of this web site. Except as written in any other disclaimers, policies, terms of use, or other notices on this web site, this Privacy Statement and the Terms of Use are the complete agreement between you and Medtronic with respect to your use of this web site. You may be subject to additional terms that may apply when you access particular services or materials on certain areas in this web site, including RemoteView, or by following a link from this web site.

The information we receive, and how we use it, depends on what you do when visiting our web site. If applicable, we collect and use your non-personal information (information that is not identifiable to you personally) differently than your personal information.

What is non-personal information?
Non-personal information is information we collect through this web site that does not identify you as an individual person. At this time, we will not be collecting any non-personal information solely by your visiting this web site. As explained fully in the Terms of Use for the Licensed Software that you may download from this web site, we will collect certain non-personal information from your computer about your use of RemoteView.

What does Medtronic do with non-personal information?
Because non-personal information cannot identify you or be tied to you in any way, there are no restrictions on the ways that we can use or share non-personal information.  We may use any non-personal information for other business purposes related to RemoteView, such as creating internal reports showing RemoteView usage.
What is personal information?
Personal information is information we collect through this web site that we can use to specifically identify you.  As explained fully in the Terms of Use for the Licensed Software, we will collect your:

  • name
  • mailing address
  • telephone number
  • e-mail address
  • answers to security questions
  • And, the username you create and you IP address may be considered personal information.

This information is necessary to collect so that we may contact you regarding your use of the software as well as to validate that you are a legitimate user of the software. You may change the information you have provided by logging into your account and editing the information.

Acceptance of these Terms: By clicking on the “Accept” button for the Terms of Use, you are also accepting the terms of this Privacy Statement, particularly how we collect, process, and store your personal data.

How does Medtronic keep and use personal information?
We may keep and use personal information we collect from you through this web site to provide you with access to this web site. In addition, we may keep and use your personal information:

  • to respond to your requests
  • to personalize your access to our web site, for example, by telling you about new features that may be of interest to you
  • to develop records, including records of your personal information 
  • to enforce this Privacy Statement and other rules about your use of this web site
  • to protect our rights or property
  • to protect someone's health, safety or welfare
  • to comply with a law or regulation, court order or other legal process

Does Medtronic ever share personal information with third parties?
Medtronic will not share your personal information collected from this web site with an unrelated third party without your permission, except as otherwise provided in this Privacy Statement.

In the ordinary course of business, we may share some personal information with companies we hire to perform services or functions on our behalf.  We will update this Privacy Statement as necessary to explain these services.  In all cases in which we share your personal information with a third party, we will not authorize them to keep, disclose or use your information with others except for the purpose of providing the services we asked them to provide. We will not sell, exchange or publish your personal information, except in conjunction with a corporate sale, merger, dissolution, or acquisition.

We may be legally compelled to release your personal information in response to a court order, subpoena, search warrant, law or regulation. We may cooperate with law enforcement authorities in investigating and prosecuting web site visitors who violate our rules or engage in behavior which is harmful to other visitors (or illegal).

We may disclose your personal information to third parties if we feel that the disclosure is necessary to:

  • enforce this Privacy Statement and the other rules about your use of this web site
  • protect our rights or property
  • protect someone's health, safety or welfare
  • comply with a law or regulation, court order or other legal process

Please note: In addition to the ways that we may keep, disclose, and use information described in this Privacy Statement, we also may keep, disclose, and use personally identifiable information that you give us through this web site in ways that we believe are consistent with FDA and other governmental guidance, directions, regulations, and laws.

What happens if the privacy statement changes?
If we decide to make a significant change to our Privacy Statement, we will post a notice on this web site for a period of time after the change is made. Significant changes will also be described in this Privacy Statement.

What about privacy on other web sites?
This web site may contain links to other web sites. Some of those web sites may be operated by Medtronic, and some may be operated by third parties. We provide the links for your convenience, but we do not review, control, or monitor the privacy practices of web sites operated by others. This Privacy Statement does not apply to any other web site, even other Medtronic web sites. We are not responsible for the performance of web sites operated by third parties or for your business dealings with them. Therefore, whenever you leave this web site we recommend you review each web site's privacy practices and make your own conclusions regarding the adequacy of these practices

Does Medtronic ever communicate directly with visitors to this web site?
We may contact you by e-mail, mail or telephone, but only if you choose to download the Licensed Software for RemoteView and establish an account by registering a username and password. Any e-mail response or confirmation may include your personal information, including your name, address, etc. We cannot guarantee that our e-mails to you will be secure from unauthorized interception.

Are there special rules about children's privacy?
We care about protecting the online privacy of children. We will not intentionally collect any personal information (such as a child's name or e-mail address) from children under the age of 13. If you think that we have collected personal information from a child under the age of 13, please contact us.

What about web site security?
Security is very important to us. We also understand that security is important to you. We take reasonable steps to protect your personal information from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. You should keep in mind that no Internet transmission is ever 100% secure or error-free. In particular, e-mail sent to or from this site may not be secure, and you should therefore take special care in deciding what information you send to us via e-mail

How to contact Medtronic
If you have questions or comments about this Privacy Statement, please use the Contact Us through our web site.

Last updated: 6 Mar 2012